ice breaker

May 24, 2010
By Anonymous

One day during winter break we’re I used to live I had slept over at a friends house the night before and we decided that we wanted to play some basketball, we gathered some people together. We got Adrian, Eddo, Alex, Josh, Taylor, and Me. After we went and met at Adrian’s house we started walking to a catholic school and played basketball because they had a basketball court outside. When we got there we started to play and our first game was about 25 minutes we were only playing up to 11 and the first game was a close one it ended up being 11 to 10 it was a close game but my team lost. Even though it was winter break we were still getting warm because it was towards the end and it was about almost 30°. We stopped after the first game and went to the gas station which was right across the street from the school everybody gave Adrian and Me the money and asked what they wanted to drink. The only reason it was only Adrian and Me was because we already got yelled at from the gas clerk that there were too many people in there. Everyone had gotten energy drinks like Amp, Monster, and Full Throttle. When we were walking out from the gas station we saw a dead rabbit on top on a plowed snow bank and it probably got ran over by the snow plow. I grabbed and ran across the street with it and I walked up to one of my friends and him in the back of the head with it. It was pretty funny because he threw up after that but still continued to play basketball. We played for a good 2 hours longer and had about 3 to 4 games. When we started to walk back to my friends house we saw this frozen pond and I knew my friends had money and I thought I should bet them I can run all the way across the pond and make it to the other side. I had asked them and they took the bet so I walked up to the edge ran across it and “CRACKKKK!!!” The ice broke and I fell right through. My two white friends fell on the ground laughing when I fell through but my three Mexican friends Eddo, Alex, and Adrian came and helped me. I knew how to get out of ice because I watched “Bill Grills” and he had a special on how to get out of ice. I use my elbows on the ice to try to get on but it kept breaking but I kept on going till I got to the edge and my three friends helped me out of the ice. Something else I learned from “Bill Grills” that you should take off the wet clothes so you don’t get to cold. When we started going back to my friends’ house I took off my shirt and put on my friends hoodie so I didn’t get to cold. When I was doing that my friend pointed out to me that my elbows were really bloody. I assumed that it was from the ice but I didn’t even feel the ice cut my elbows. Then we went back to my friend’s house and played call of duty. Then my mom picked me up about a hour later.

The author's comments:
its true irs when i fell threw the iCE

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