Why Wait?

May 7, 2010
By , Hillsboro, OR
Sometimes the here and now looks so good, and seems so inviting, a hundred wonderful feelings available to me whenever I choose to embrace them. Things like kisses, kisses are wonderful things but only if they are embraced at the right time. And yet the feelings of the here and now try and seduce me into taking something I’m not ready for. It seems so right at the time. Opportunities arise that just seem perfect. I’m tempted. There is a little part in the back of me that wants to accept the offers of right now. I weigh the odds and once again I decide to wait. What makes me wait? The hope that waiting will be so much better. The realization I am affecting my future. The realization that I would be possibly dishing other people up with the my worst fear. “The future lies before you like a field of driven snow, be careful where you tread for every step will show.”

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