The two days of my life that I will never forget

May 20, 2010
March 11, 2009 started out as a regular day for me. I woke up at 5 a.m to get ready for school. When I got ready that day for school I got dressed, watched television, then I ate. When I watched television that day there was something on there about the flu. I watched it just out of curiosity since I did not really know too much of the flu and there was nothing else on tv on that time. After I watched it I went on the bus to go to school.

When I got to school everyone looked okay to me even though I really do not know how to tell if something is wrong with someone. One of the history teachers at my school his name is Mr. Cole had a son named Kevin that was in my grade level. I did not see Kevin before I went to history class though. As soon as I got into my first class of the day which was History. I saw something wrong with my teacher but I did not pay attention to it though. After the announcements were over he said "That's go over to Mr. Cole's room but he's not here today so instead we are going to have Mrs. Tett over there." Oh yeah my history teacher's name is Mr. Pisano.

So when we got over the other room Mr. Pisano told us what happened to Mr. Cole he said "Last night Mr. Cole was very sick and had to go the hospital because he was throwing up a lot because of the flu and he was so sick that he had to get iv." Then after that he asked us if we noticed if he was sick the day before and like one or two people noticed it. That was the most shocking news that I ever heard. I was one of the people that didn't notice that he was sick. He seemed so healthy looking and not sick so I was worried. The day before we watched a movie called Escape from Sobibor and I thought that it was boring but when we watched it that day I got more into the movie and started to not be bored of it.

Throughout the day I was worried about Mr. Cole and was wondering if he was going to be fine. During science, home ec, math, and english I was thinking about him. Then during academic assist I asked my teacher what Iv is and then she explained it to me. During lunch I looked at Kevin and he didn't seem to look like himself to me.

When I came home that day I studied about the throwing up, Iv, and dehydration. Apparently according to my research the only times that you need IV is if you are severely dehydrated. Then I started to get worried about what would've happened if Mr. Cole did not make it.

But when I came to school the next day everyone was asking if Mr. Cole would be back and my teacher told us that he was back. And when we came over to him room that day he told us a joke and he told us that he was still a little sick though. Then during academic assist he came over to our room which was just behind his.

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