May 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Anxiety is that queasy and utter feeling you contain at the greatest turning point of a rollercoaster. Anxiety is the necessary component in our lives to function accordingly and portray our conscious decisions. Although, too much anxiety is bad, and your bound to always be stressed. It’s the most greatest barrier in someone’s life that they can never seem to let go of.

Anxiety relates to many people in world due to their hectic and overworked schedules. Many people think that having anxiety is such a common experience. They try to make decisions based on their knowledge and not fully knowing the effect it will make on their life. It only results in causing negative effect of failure. Regardless of any situation your in, you can always overcome anxiety by having a calm and peaceful mind, making your daily decisions more effective and beneficial, rather than regretful. Anxiety only seeks to destroy one’s life by using fear to control a persons greatest weakness.

Recently in a Houston’s poll due to anxiety almost half of the population has deeply suffered from anxiety. It has caused anxiety attacks, stress, death, and even proving their work habits not excel regularly. Having anxiety causes both physical and mental illness that would usually result in death. Usually its common for teen to have the most anxiety due to pure pressure, the latest trends, or even their friends. Anxiety is one of the most common health issues in our world today.

Anxiety can range from mild or even intense. People may face it through their jobs, finances, public speaking, or even things they just fear. It has only caused people to feel depressed and unsatisfied. People even try to hide anxiety by either avoiding and trying to forget about it, instead of confronting without fear. Anxiety only causes stress, disease, or death.

You can let circumstances rule us, or you can take charge and overcome our lives from within. Don’t let the fear of anyone or thing dominate the result of the choices you make for life to be more sufficient. Failing to realize what anxiety can do your in life can make you see how every decision I make affects the outcome either for better or for worse .

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