Growing Up

May 16, 2010
By , Mole Creek, Australia
Let’s face it: growing up is inevitable. Everyone does it, some are grateful for it, and nobody really likes it.
It happens way too quickly. It seems like one minute you’re outside jumping in puddles and finger painting, then the next you’ve got a million responsibilities dumped on you and you’re kissing the opposite sex. On the lips. And they’re not related to you. You’ve only got as little as eleven years to enjoy being, well, a kid.
But the absolute worst thing about growing up is losing the naivety. When you’re little, all that matters is what time Iron Man is on and how many marshmallows you can stuff in your mouth at the same time. You get old enough to watch the news and BAM, you start having to worry about that hole in our ozone-y thing and whether it’s really safe to walk down the street.
The one thing we need to remember to make things bearable when growing up - don’t take anything too seriously. You’re young. You don’t need to worry about scary stuff just yet. Enjoy being a kid, because it’s all over before you know it. Unless you’re like my teacher, who is still a kid, even now he’s 25. Thanks, Mr. Y - you are a role model for children everywhere.

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