The strength of my mother

May 6, 2010
I sit around wishing the sky would fall down. I sit here thinking about ways to drown. I cant let these voices break me down. One by one they come by twos always trying to make me confused. I hold it tight i scream and fight i just cant let them break me down. I hear these voices inside and out but i dont know what its all about. They tare at my flesh killing me tenderly...but this time they wont win. This time something is different. I am stronger i am better i am the daughter of my mother. She was srtong and now i am because of her i wont break down. She will see just how strong i can be. I wont break down i wont fall down i wont let these voices win again. I wont come close i wont even try..i wont even pick up the knife. Let me fall let me crawl but no more will i lose the drawl. I let down my defenses and use my head now they are gone and i am no longer dead. Because my mother i am her savior she will be my guardian forever

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Bethani said...
May 28, 2010 at 10:44 am
I like what you're saying in your article but I'd like to offer a few suggestions. Try putting your words in a poem. Like a line by line poem. So your article is easier to read and understand. Other than that, keep it up!
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