A Great Challenge

May 17, 2010
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“Okay, so in a few months were going to do out first 30 hour famine.” explained my youth pastor. I had never gone so long without food in my life, I knew this would be a challenge, but not just for me, I could see fear in everyone’s eyes.
We were doing this with the organization World Vision and I had to go around raising money for the hungry all around the world. I was in sixth grade at the time and asked my teachers if they would donate some money. It was then that I realized how big of a deal this really was. Everyone was so proud, saying that they could never do something like that, the sounds at school of every one congratulating me made me feel like I won the Nobel Prize!
Then came the day I wouldn’t have dinner that night. I wouldn’t have breakfast or lunch the nest day. I was terrified; I could just smell a big, juicy, cheeseburger! Physically, the first half was very hard, with it being my first time. I was with all my friends so I was having a great time! But you’re always having to deep yourself occupied, what we did is we were each on separate tribes. This was both the years I’ve done this, and we played games and all kinds of stuff. We had fun and learned at the same time.
Both years I’ve done a 30 hour famine, the second hale was mentally, harder. This was when we watched all the different kinds of videos. Seeing just a little of what they were going through, seeing people lying on the ground, dead, but that was an everyday thing for them. I, going probably only 15-20 hours without a wonderfully cooked mean, these kids were going weeks without maybe only a piece of bread.
It is a really touching thing to do and I learned a lot. I have done one the last two years and I did one last month. Now I think twice before whining about being hungry, or good not tasting just right, because I know now, partially, what real hunger feels like.

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