Peace Maker

May 5, 2010
By ShayGenius BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
ShayGenius BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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I was mad and concerned when loud voices awoke me from my nice, mesmerizing sleep. It was from the room next to my bedroom which I share with my older sister, Kayla. Those voices were my mother's and father's. My father's voice is louder than my mother's. argument is occurring and this is the first time I am witnessing this situation. My eyes wandered around the dark room and I couldn't see Kayla. I'm guessing she is in the living room or where ever in the apartment. I crawled out of bed to be nosy. I were curious about what is happening because this never happened before. Hints of fear creep inside me as I took each step closer to my parents' bedroom. The door is half-closed and their is television is on, but loud. It isn't loud enough to drown out the loudness of my parents though. I peeked inside their room and can see my father walking back and forth, trying to get away from my mother...meaning he is irritated and doesn't want to deal with her anymore. My mother finally broke down and started to plead and beg my father for the reasons why my father were so angry. His responses were the same: "Leave me alone, Kristen. Get away from me. I don't want to talk." The way he yelled those words to her scared me. I never saw him act like this towards my mother. Tears flowed from her eyes and down her cheeks. She didn't know what to say or do. She just stood there, bewildered from my father's behavior.
I wanted to cry, but I didn't want them to see me. Witnessing this situation made me want to something....something that will hopefully make everything better. I thought of one thing....

I ran into the living room to find a certain book. My parents usually stores this book in the living room. I didn't know why it seem like the perfect place to put it but I rather let that be a mystery.
I found the book and carry it along with me as I walked back to my parents' bedroom. I knocked on their door and caught my father's attention. My mother didn't look at me. My father approached me and asked in a sweet tone, "What's the matter, baby girl?"
I held up the bible to him. "Here, daddy. Read the bible. Please stop fighting with mommy. Read it with her." I pleaded in my innocent tone. His eyes is watery and he breaks down. He took the bible from my hands and approached my mother and apologized to her. He sobbed like a baby. I didn't know that the bible were going to make such a big impact on him. He hugged my mom, read the bible with her and made up. Then he apologized to me and explained what was going on. At the time, I didn't care what happened. I just wanted to keep my parents happy with each other.

He tucked me into bed and kissed me good night. I fell back into my nice, mesmerizing sleep...

The author's comments:
I was five years-old when this situation happened and I remember it as clear as pure water. At least...I did something that may have saved my parents' marriage...

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