values i will pass down

May 4, 2010
By Anonymous

As you make mistakes during life, you learn to prevent them the next time and even teach others so life could be easier for them. For example, your children, do you want them to go through the same mistakes you went through, even if you have the key, the answer to prevent that? These are life skills we have from experience and the one’s that values the most to me will be the first thing I’ll pass to my children.

Those words “I hate you”, I was taught to never tell a person that because you never know if that will be the last thing you’ll say to them. Do you really want to have that tension between someone you care about, but you were so mad and careless you decided to say those harsh words and just walked off? What if one of you got in an accident, what would it have done to them, to you, if you now can’t ask for forgiveness because it’s to late, their dead now. I won’t let my kids go through that pain.

A personal experience is of someone I know, her and her father were arguing and she was so mad that she told him “ I hate you!“ The next morning she wakes up finding out her dad died from a heart attack that she probably caused due to stressing him out last night and now she blames herself for everything and regrets ever saying that, whishing she could take it all back. I don’t want my children to ever regret something they can’t ever fix which changes them forever like it did to this girl. Those last words were the last her dad ever heard from her not a “good bye” not happy memories, but just painful words.

I would also teach them to forgive others that hurt you because if God could forgive us for our sins then we could forgive others for their mistakes too. Also because were humans and no one’s made perfect so we all make mistakes and just need to be shown a little bit of love to represent forgiveness so we can move on. Even when it hurts us the most we must always remember that we should always forgive, but not forget. That is the only way to live on with mistakes not to ignore them, but to be forgiven.

I wish to also teach my children to cherish those they love and care for, because once you loose them their gone. Just like the old saying “ never take a person for granted, hold every person close to your heart, because you might wake up one day and realize that you’ve lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones.” Passing this advice that I value the most to my children will help them to overcome life easier then they’ll expect it to be. Passing this to my children will mean the world to me that I was their to help them when they needed it the most.

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