Being a big sister

May 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Some people would say a family is a priority, but to me and my family it’s more of a commitment. To be there for your family is something you should want to do, you shouldn’t be forced. No matter if it really stinks, my family will do anything for me, and I would do the same.

For awhile I was the youngest in my family. Then my mom had my little brother, at first I wasn’t sure that I would like it so much but eventually came around to the idea. I liked that I had someone to look after, like my brother do for me. I had someone to stick up for and to help out when they needed it. Last year I was really there for my little brother when he needed me. I helped him out with an issue with a couple of guys that were picking on him.

When I was in 7th grade, last year, my brother was in 4th. He had lately been getting picked on by these 2 boys in the neighborhood. One was older than me by a year and one was younger than me. Both of them were older than my little brother though. He came home one evening crying to my mom about what these two kids were doing. They had been calling him names and saying he couldn’t play with them because he wasn’t “cool” enough. When my little brother came and told me this I got very upset since it had upset him greatly. I asked him where they had been hanging out. He told me they were playing air soft over by the lake. I told him to wait here and calm down; I told him I would be back in awhile.

I walked outside and found my way over to where they were hanging out. They were sitting down laughing about something as I was walking up. They turned around and saw me standing there and asked me what I wanted. I asked them what they did to my brother to hear their side of the story first. Neither of them really had an answer to me so I told them what I had found out. At first they tried to convince me it wasn’t true but I could tell they were lying. They made up the worst excuses and just acted scared. I told them it hurt my brother’s feelings and that I didn’t want them to do it again. Acting like it didn’t matter they just said “whatever.” I told them I didn’t just want a whatever; I wanted to know they were going to be nicer. I asked them to come over and apologize to my brother for the way they acted. At first they weren’t sure about coming, but I convinced them otherwise. They came over and said they were sorry and told my brother they weren’t going to treat him that way again. My brother accepted the apology.

I knew my brother appreciated what I did a lot. I was happy to stick up for him; I knew that I was needed since I was the older sister. Being an older sister is definitely of the things people should me most proud of. It showed me taught me how to look after people younger than you and how my older brothers look out for me. I really enjoyed helping out my little brother; my family was very proud of me for doing the right thing. It showed that my older brothers had taught me well.

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