May 4, 2010
6, and almost died to a blow to the back of the head due to ignorance. My brother was 6 at the time and ignorant. We were playing golf and I told him to back up, instead he took a step forward. Although I’m bad at golf, I swung back and I heard a scream, what was that? I turned to see my brother crying and holding the back of his head.

“Dude what happened Ramy?”I Questioned.

“Ryan I’m going to tell mom!” Ramy yelled.

He then turned around and ran and that’s when I saw what happened. He had a huge gash on the back of his head and it was bleeding rapidly. When I arrived at my house, I heard my mom yelling and screaming. I instantly knew that she found out. I got to her and we called an ambulance and then they came and took my brother. They later told me if I hit him a bit harder I would have killed him.

The thing is that if your ignorant there is a price, and that price can be death or injury. It is also important to listen to everything that people tell you that is the right thing. As important as to listening to people make sure that you think before doing something or the thing you do is ignorant.

The situation that happened changed the way I look at my little brother and life. I feel that on that fatal day my brother should have listened to me or that situation wouldn’t have happened.

Ignorance is not a disease, it is learned. What happened to my brother changed my life also his life. Every day I try to teach him a lesson so that next time he doesn’t do the same mistake twice. The only way to stop being ignorant and spreading ignorance is to think before you act and do the right thing.

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