Peer Pressure

May 4, 2010
By clayton noble BRONZE, Houston, Texas
clayton noble BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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It is hard to say no when your peers tell you to do something when everyone else is doing it. But you usually do it so it makes you look cool. But usually when you deal with peer pressure it’s usually something stupid that will have a lot of consequences. People are involved with peer pressure everyday but its weather if they do what there being pressured about or not.
Peer pressure can range from all types of things from smoking weed to trespassing on to someone’s property and wrecking there pool. There are all types of peer pressure but all will lead to consequences in the future. If you give in to peer pressure you could face serious legal trouble, parental trouble, health trouble, or even death.
Lots of people die every year from peer pressure. On Tuesday March 30th a mother was looking for her 11 year old son when she found him dead from the choking game. The choking game is when the person applies pressure to restrict the oxygen or blood from reaching their brain but if you apply pressure for too long you will lose conscious and pass out and if you’re left for too long you will die.

Another example of how peer pressure is bad is how a girl name Ashley went to a party and was dared to mix alcohol with energy drinks she was fine at the party but after she got dropped off her friends found her unconscious they performed CPR and dialed 911. Two hours later the hospital announced that she was dead. All because of peer pressure.
Have delt with peer pressure before. It was a hot day and we had a friend who was out of town so we decided to go swimming in her pool but then we thought her pool was too small so there was no point. We didn’t really like this person to much so we decided to trash her pool. It started with a harmless Gatorade bottle to a giant lay down pool chair. About a week later they found out it was us because we didn’t realize there were video cameras. Luckily her mom didn’t press charges. But we still had to pay 338 dollars. I am still grounded to this day and will be until May 20th. It was a stupid idea and I regret it.
Peer pressure is bad and can ruin someone’s life. No matter how cool you will look you should never give in to peer pressure. 1 out of every 3 kids give in to peer pressure and 1 out of 2 get caught and in major trouble it is really important that you don’t give in to peer pressure and that your focused on more important thing such as school and friends and family.

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