She Gave It All To Him

April 25, 2010
He is my everything! He brings me up when Im down, my extra push to stick things out.He can make me smile with out saying a word. Every time Im with him I get this warm, sensual feeling; like when you get when your about to make sweet, passionate love.He's so gorgeous he makes the gods jealous. His smile brightens up the room, like sun shine in early morning. His bright carmel skin complection is the sun shining down on the sand along the beach. His skin is a baby blanket, in which I enjoy to indulge myself in. His dark sparkling eyes are the reflection of the moon light. His body is built like mountains you could climb for hours. It seems to go hand in hand with mine. When he touches me it feels like ecstacy just entering the body. Now I find myself addicted. As our bodies start to move as one, my eyes meet his, and I get this rush I yern for. The way we're tossing and turning, looks as if we're taking orders from our bodies. Sometimes it feels as if we invented this interaction between the two of us. As we lay in silence, he begins to stroke my body softly. His large but gentle hands sway from the top of my body to the bottom; like waves in the ocean. Chills race down my spine. Then slowly he explores my body affectionatly, giving it a thousand juicy;defiant kisses. At this point we're like Adam and Eve tasting the lucious forbidden fruits. The ones that your mouth waters for when it gets a wiff of their sweet; tangy tenderness. He is a bee sucking nector from a beautiful blossum. Everything going on around us had froze for a slight moment. I feel like Im just learning to ride a bike or take my first steps. I've had no expierience like this before. My body is calling his continuously as he takes his time rising to the level where our eyes meet. Suddenly, I feel a sharp pain come upon me slow, but repeatedly. It's like I was being stabbed over and over again. I had gave all of my innocence to him...the one I love. He whispers " I love you" into my ear; as he is a valcano about to erupt;like a mother singing sweetly to her child. His voice strong and noble; but yet smooth and soft;makes my body quiver and melt restlessly.

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Crystalmarie3_21 said...
May 22, 2010 at 12:28 pm
Thank You!
Dominicangirl said...
May 19, 2010 at 7:01 pm
Beautiful, totally can relate. one of my favorites for sure
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