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May 4, 2010
By svb123 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
svb123 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Do we have a responsibility to help others? I believe that we do. To me, responsibility for others means to use my own talents, that I am fortunate to have, to help those who aren’t as blessed as I am. We don’t always take this responsibility often enough. Often we take the way that is easiest, or most enjoyable for us, not thinking how we could put our time and talents to help those around us. If you follow through with a life spent for others, you will be rewarded by the great feeling that doing a good deed brings to you.

Almost all of the people on Earth have messed up at one point or another in their lives, with the exception of our perfect savior, Jesus. We should all strive to be like Him because He is the greatest example of how we want our lives to be. He was willing to sacrifice His life for others. We should all try to make actions to help others, not necessarily in such an extreme, but just anything big or small that can benefit them. The problem is that people are becoming selfish. It seems that the world is becoming the “me” generation. Everything is “me me me”. Everyone is becoming self-centered and people doing good deeds for others seems to be slowly coming to a halt.

Nearly 35 million people, including 13 million children, in the United States are hungry or living on the edge of hunger. What ever happened to being the land of the plenty? America is such a wealthy country. If more people would give a small bit of their abundance or of their time, this could help diminish the hunger problem in this country.

Simple things like spending a day doing charity work can be a great way to impact the lives of others. Many people seem to find that they benefit more from helping others than those that they have helped because it is such an eye opening experience to see how much more fortunate you are. Going to work at The Houston Food Bank was a great way for me to realize that not everybody has three full meals to eat each day. After seeing how so many people rely on receiving a small Ziploc bag of beans to feed their whole family, I understood that. Scooping beans into bags definitely isn't any too exciting, but in the end, you get a great feeling knowing that you have helped minimize the suffering from hunger of many people.

Everybody has a responsibility to help the less fortunate. All of us should try to make more sacrifices in our lives to help improve the lives of others. If everyone pitched in to do just a bit, then we could make this world a better place.

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