What Values Most.

May 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Family is something you should value the most. It is a connection you have with one another that can’t ever change. You share the same DNA and genes, whether you like it or not.
Just recently, I had learned that a cousin of mine passed away. She died in a car accident. It wasn’t until then, I started to really think about family and how important it was. It was pretty sudden, I didn’t even know her. All I really know about her was that she was my cousin, that had a family. Now her husband and kids are living without her, trying to get by, growing up without a mom. I could have gotten a chance to know her, but now that chance is gone.
You never really see accidents or death head on. So you’ve got to value the people around you and keep them close. You don’t want to live knowing that the last thing you have said to the person that has passed away was something that you didn’t mean, and it was just over some stupid little fight you had. Most teenagers like us don’t have good relationships with our parents. We all just look forward to growing up and wanting to move out of the house, or maybe move in with friends, but they are not always there for you. Friends are something that is temporary and sometimes a replacement for other family members, They are not there when you need to go to the doctors or when you need clothes, family is. The people you love can disappear so fast that it just smacks you in the face, it’s a wake up call for us.
This incident has made me think that we should cherish all the family moments we have or had. You would feel regret if the last thing you said to the person that passed away was not what you had meant, you wish you could take it back and try to make it right, but you can’t, because they’re not coming back anymore, so you would just have to live with that. It isn’t something that just goes away, or something that you just forget easily. No one really wants to live with that on their conscience. If one of your family members got cancer and only has twenty-four hours left to live, what would you do? You would want to spend every last second with that person. We should already want to spend at least some of our time with family and maybe even the family members we dislike.
All I’m really trying to say is value every moment you have with your family, because in the end they are the ones that is there for you, not friends. I hope this has got to you because if it hasn’t, all I really have left to say is, go spend your time with your family and cherish every moment you get and have. We all help each other go through life with our loved ones, so why not do that now, and not until the last minute or before it’s even too late.

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