Going Home

May 12, 2010
It has been exactly two months and 24 days. Those days have been both happy and sad, and most of all filled with wonderful experiences. I have met new friends, but never ones to replace the old. I have made new memories as well, while never forgetting the past. I know in life that people will come and go, and whether you like it or not, things will change through time. Dealing with these two lessons are never easy, and to be honest I don’t think they were meant to be.

I’m getting ready to pack up tonight for the road trip ahead. One stop at a college before hitting my destination. I’m both excited and nervous. I always get the anxious feeling of wondering what will be different, or the same. In my head, I always imagine everyone differently. Almost as if when I get there, everyone is going to be ten years older, and married with children. Then I remember it’s only been two months and 24 days. Even though it may not seem like much to others, to me, it’s days that I missed out on because I am now here. It’s not bad really, but it makes me sad. Then I start to worry about any awkwardness. All the inside jokes and good times I missed; I won’t have a clue what they are talking about! Okay, now I’m freaking out! Then I start to get the question rolling. “Did I live this life?” Breath. Yes, I did, and everything is going to be peachy keen.
The minute I hit that little bridge and start driving down onto Mississippi Street, I’m home. The smells of fresh cut grass and manure come flooding back. All the houses are the same with people walking, and I actually recognize them! Nods and waves, and then a huge grin begins to appear on my face. I see my old house and my old life flash before my eyes, and just like that, it’s gone. I drive some more, taking the same route since the third grade, to Erin’s house, my best friend. Once I reach the curvy roads down Coonhunters, hit that same old street lamp with the rock engraved Deer Valley, I find that brick home I’m looking for. She is exactly how I left her, and so is everything else. I start to relax, and somehow it’s as if I never left. When we go to hang out with our friends, it’s the same old spots, and the same old thing is done. People still treat me the same, and funny enough, we still have all our old inside jokes, that others have not a clue about. We catch up on what’s been going on, and soon enough we all head in. Eventually, Sunday will arrive and I will be heading back to Centerville, my new home. Goodbyes will be said, hugs will be given and maybe even a few tears shed. While staying there, I swear I will always be a falcon at heart.

As I drive the 3 hours it takes to get home, I not only start to realize that I am blessed, but fortunate as well. I lead a good life at the end of the day, and even though it doesn’t seem so pretty on the outside, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Everyone is going to get a curveball thrown at them every now and again whether they like it or not, and how you choose to deal with them is your ultimate tests throughout life. At every days end, I’m me, Brittany Lynn Howell. After all, I couldn’t be a changed woman, after only, two months and 24 days.

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