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May 11, 2010
By Valentinefrog BRONZE, Roseburg, Oregon
Valentinefrog BRONZE, Roseburg, Oregon
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Then when I went home on the bus, guess who rode my bus. Yep you guessed right, Christopher. Then what do you think happened after that yep, he sat right next to me. He said, “So your Grandma was in an earthquake and they can’t find her right?”
“Yep, that is right”, I said.
It came to my stop and I stood up to get off and guess who got off to yep, Christopher. I was starting to wonder if he was stalking me when he kept walking up my street with me. He asked me, “Where do you live”
“I live in the green house up the street.”
“That means we are neighbors”, he said.
“Cool”, I thought.
“That means we get to see each other a lot.” “Would you like to come over and help me and my mom unpack?”
“Sorry I have chores to do.”
“Ok.” “Bye”
“Bye.” Then when I got home I decided to make cookies for our new neighbors. Then I took them over to Christopher’s house. When I got over to his house, his mom answered the door and said, “Hello there. What can I do for you?”
“My name is Lissa, and I just came over to welcome you into the neighborhood and see if you needed any help.” I said.
“That was very thoughtful of you Lissa. How about you go and help Christopher in his room. I will call him down so that he can meet you and so that you wont have to search the house to find his room.” “Christopher get you butt down here, we have company, and she is going to help you unpack your room.”
“Coming mom.” “ Hi Lissa.” “ Why can’t she help you down here?”
“Because you don’t know how to organize anything at all”
“As long as she does not organize my clothes”
“I wont” I said back. Then we quickly went upstairs to his room and he said, “So I guess you can help me move my bed over there first.”
“Now what” I said after we were done.
“You should unpack that box.”
“This one?” pointing to a box over by the bookshelves.
“Why do you have this book?” Holding up “Vampire Diaries”.
“Those are my moms books.”
Holding up a yearbook, “Then why does you mom have a yearbook of yours and have your girlfriend circled in it?” I retorted.
“I am holding it for her”
“I highly doubt that, this is your book because it says “Christopher I know that you have been wanting this book series for a long time, Love, Mom” How do you explain that?”
“Ok it is my book but if you don’t mind then we can keep this a secrete. Right?”
“Ok” “What can I do now?” I asked after done unpacking that box
“You can sit down on the bed for a minute while I finish unpacking this box and then can go get a treat.”
“Ok” When Christopher was done unpacking, then we went down and got a bowl of ice cream for us to share, and sat down at the bar to eat it. “So what are you going to do for dinner tonight?” looking around at the bare kitchen.
“We’ll probably go out to eat again.” he replied, with a sad look on his face.
“What is with that sad look?”
“I have not had a good home cooked meal in a long time.”
“Why don’t you and your mom come over to my house for dinner?” I asked
“Are you sure that would be ok with your parents?” “Do they know about us moving in?”
“Yes” “My parents keep telling me to invite someone over for dinner, so this would make them happy.”
“Ok, that would be better than fast food again”
I smiled and laughed. When we were done with the ice cream, my mom came over to get me to come home for dinner. “Mom is it ok if Christopher and his mom come over for dinner?”
“Yep, I don’t see why not”
“What are we eating for dinner?”
“We are having spaghetti”
“Sounds good to me,” Christopher said.
When dinner was made I went over to get our dinner guests. Christopher’s mom, Trisha, answered the done and said that Christopher was in his room, and to just go up and get him. When I went up, I found him talking or as it seemed arguing with himself. As I listened in I herd him saying, “Do I tell her or just keep my LOVING her to myself?” “ Or I could ask her to be my girlfriend,” “NO that would be stupid, she would never go out with me. I would go up to her and say “Hey Lissa will you be my girlfriend?” That” Then I went into the room and yelled,
He was sitting on the bed with a surprised look on his face and said, “How long have you been listening???”
“I have been listening since you said “do I tell her...”
“Oooo that is so not cool.” “What did you say when you walked in?”
“I said yes.”
“To what?”
“To when you asked me to be your girlfriend.”
“Oooo ok that is cool.”
“Are you coming for dinner or not?”
“Yes I am coming,” he said.
“Wait, so am I your girlfriend or not?
“Yes if you want to be.”
“Ok that is good.” Holding hands they walked down the stairs to greet Trisha and go to dinner. “Why are you two holding hands?” she said with a confused look on her face. “Didn’t you two just meet?
“Settle down mom, we met earlier this year at school and as of a few minutes ago we are going out!” said Christopher.
“Ok...ok. Let’s go to dinner then.” Trisha said.
“Ok.” we said in unison. That started us all in a fit of laughter. As we walked across the lawn Christopher and I talked about how we were going to hid this from the kids at school, and especially from my mom.

The author's comments:
I wrote this last year about my 8th grade experience and i am still not done with it. You have page 3 and the rest of it I have to fix becuase I wrote in incomplete senences and fragments, stuff like that. :)

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