May 11, 2010
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I’ll never forget the day I was invited to a Halloween birthday party. I was so exited that I almost flew out the car when we arrived. There were so many decorations up for Halloween, and everyone was in a costume – except for me.

“Mom, I don’t have a costume,” I said.

“Ok well, the birthday girl probably has one,’’ she said. My mom and I walked over to the birthday girl, who looked a little older than me and had the best costume, had an extra costume.

Later during the party, after we played party games and ate cake, everyone wanted to go trick or treating –after all, it was Halloween. At first, we weren’t going to go because it was getting really dark, and we were only just six and seven year old, but we decided to go. Before long, it started to get very dark, but it was so fun that we wanted to go around the block one more time. By this time it was close to eleven o’ clock, maybe even later.

Soon, we came to a house that looked like we haven’t yet gone to. The house was simple but somewhat decorated. As soon as we got to the door, two boys opened it with a bowl of candy in their hands. They both weren’t in costumes, but they had vampire teeth. They didn’t say anything so I assumed to just take the candy. As I did and while everyone else was, I saw a lady in the house sweeping. When she saw us getting candy, she smiled.
As I continued to look in the house, I saw a Scream mask resting on the floor next to the lady. As we were finishing up getting our candy, I looked back up into the house; I noticed that the mask and the lady were gone. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, someone popped out from the house with the scream mask on! Everyone behind me ran while I just stood there in shock. When I finally ran away from the door, I saw the lady that was sweeping earlier, take off the Scream mask.

That Halloween was one of the scariest in my life. Thinking back to that night, I think how even now I’m a little cautious when I go trick or treating.

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