The Best Vacation Ever

May 10, 2010
There I was on the beginning of a great adventure while people were waving goodbye. This was our very first destination of many to come.

The morning of the vacation, we rushed to pack our huge bags. All of our family was there to help us pack—there were at least ten bags to load.

“Come on kids,” my mom hollered. Counting my four brothers and sisters and I, we finally left saying one last goodbye to our big brown house. As I sat in our RV, I realized this would be our house for the next six months.

As we drove to Yosemite, all my mom heard was, “Are we there yet?” and, “I’m hungry.”

The next day, we finally got to Yosemite

“Wow! Look at all these trees,” my sister exclaimed.

“Let’s unpack,” my mom decided. We all groaned in despair, but it eventually got done. That same day, we decided to unhitch our bikes and ride up and down a curvy rocky road. My sister bumped up and down the rocky road.

Once we came back, we ate dinner. The bugs outside were so numerous and annoying that I went inside our RV. That night, when we were all full, we watched a movie. I thought to myself this is the best vacation ever, but then I thought to myself the soon is best to come.

During the next three months, we headed over to New York for my grandpas 80th birthday party. While there, we visited the statue of liberty.

“There are many stories behind this monument,” my grandfather explained. We decided to take a ferry over to see it up close.

“Wow, what a huge building,” my sister stood amazed. I couldn’t believe it either- there I was in front of a huge green national figure.

“Let’s take a picture,” my mom already had her camera in her hand. We bunched together and smiled-we added that that picture to the other thousand we had already taken. There were so many more places to see, but to tell them all would take a book.

During the vacation, I have learned not only to have fun, but also the importance of spending time with family.

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