The Best Day Ever

May 10, 2010
By KLESHAE BRONZE, Menifee, California
KLESHAE BRONZE, Menifee, California
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life is a b***h then you die

Today was finally here, my birthday!

“I don’t want to go to school”, I sassed.

“Get over it, today is Friday”, my mom replied.

“I still don’t want to, though”, I whined back.

Soon after my sister Darien and I got up and got dressed for school, it started to rain so hard that my dogs outside were soaked.

“Aw, man”, Darien cried out.

“Yay, it’s finally raining”, I cheered.
Immediately after I said that, I realized that we had to ride our bikes to school.

“No biggy”, I told Darien.

“Yes it is!” she argued.

Meanwhile, after we were on our way to school, I fell off my bike.

“You idiot”, Darien laughed.

“Smarter than you”, I replied.

Later on at school, I was saying goodbye to all of my friends because it was our last day, the day before winter break. I was really going to miss everyone. I even started to cry so badly that everyone saw my tears. As the clock signaled the end of the end of the school day, I was ready to break out of what I call “prison.” Unfortunately, it was still raining hard. Meanwhile Darien had told the guy I liked; I had a huge crush on him.

“Today is Dorothy’s birthday” she cried out to Malcom excitedly.

“Cool”, Malcom smiled.

As I was getting ready to leave school, out of nowhere….

“Happy birthday!” Malcom yelled out.

I was really surprised that he announced that. “Thanks that was thoughtful”, I responded. We started talking, but then out of nowhere I heard a familiar voice. All of a sudden, I saw my dad. I was so surprised because he had been gone for a year and it was his first day back from Kuwait, surprisingly. I also saw my brother Jeremy, he’s 21 years old.

“Omg! Darien look,” I yelled.

“Dad!” she yelled excitedly.

Then he and Jeremy got out of the car to help us put the bikes in the back of the car. Then Darien ran up to our dad and gave him a huge hug like a monkey clinging to a tree. Darien and I had to help our dad and brother put our heavy bikes in the back of the car. Later when we got into the car we headed over to Game Stop. My dad let me pick one game out for my birthday present. Afterward, while driving back home my dad asked, “Where do you want to go for your birthday dinner?”

“I don’t know?”

When we finally got home, I asked everyone where we should go. All of a sudden Darius my other brother blurted out,
“Let’s go to John’s Incredible Pizza Place.”

“Sure, why not,” I answered because I really had no idea where to go.

“That’s sounds good,” my dad said, “but we have to leave at 6:30.”

Later that evening at home, while I was playing my new game Smash Bros Melee, my dad announced that it was time to go to get some pizza and have some fun!

As soon as we stepped outside, we realized it was raining harder than before, so hard that it started to hail, so we all ran to the car.

Then after driving for what seemed like three hours, we were finally there.

“Look!” Darius exclaimed.

“What?” I asked.

“We’re finally here,” Darius cheered.

“Yay,” Darien yelled.

Immediately, after my dad pulled into the parking lot and parked. Then we all got out and headed towards the huge building. Then when we got in a long line and waited for dad to pay for the credits to play games and also for the buffet.

Eventually, we all got a table and ate some cheesy pizza with pepperoni and pineapples on it.

“Yummy!” Darien shouted.

“This is so delicious,” Darius nodded.

Then Darien and I went and got some soda. She got Dr. Pepper and I mixed mine with Sprite and pink lemonade.

Later on, after we ate and played games.

“Thanks, dad,” Darius said with a huge smile.

“No problem”

After we used up all of our credits, we cashed them in for tickets. I bought a cap that popped when you flipped it inside out and I did it and hit me in the face, a huge green pen and a lot of tattoos. My sister also surprised me by giving me a large green stuffed animal.

“I love green,” I said to Darien.

“Yea, I know,” she replied sarcastically.

Then we were going to go get more food, my dad yelled out, “Time to go!”

Darien and I ran to the ice cream machine and quickly, and got ice cream cones to go. While we were leaving the building my dad asked, “So, how did you like John’s?”

“I loved it!”

That day was the best day ever! I felt as if I could relive that day over and over again.

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on Jun. 1 2010 at 7:15 pm
KLESHAE BRONZE, Menifee, California
3 articles 0 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
life is a b***h then you die

a great day for meee


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