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April 21, 2010
By , belmont, NH
You ruined the life of a girl who was happy, energetic, who took everything in with one long breath and never wanted to exhale it. She loved life and everyone in it. When she met you she thought life could never be better. Sadly, she was wrong, because with every breath and step you took, you were leading her to Hell.
She was innocent beyond belief and she was blinded by your beauty that she believed every word you said. She thought about you all the time and wondered if she would ever get to hold you.
One day, that chance finally came...until you ruined it again and again again, ripping every piece of her heart to shreds and those shreds into specks. You made her fall to her knees while her last gasp was a sorrow "I love you." But to you it was three pathetic words. Words that you know you could never say and truly mean.
Every night she bowed down to God asking why you couldn't be a peaceful person. She prayed for years with all her strength and might that you could be her prince charming. She started to change who she was for you. Words to describe her were: loud, annoying, obnoxious, selfish and b****. All because of you.
She wanted you so badly. To her you were the light in dark places when other lights go out. You were more beautiful than any flower God had ever created, brighter than any star man has ever found. You left her speechless everytime she saw you. You were a Greek god. Your heart, the one filled with love and beauty, was what she needed for her to stay alive. But you only gave her the cold, dark alley.
Look at what you have done to her. She knows that she has been used. She can feel it. It is so deep. Your coldness slices her to the core. Pain flickers across her face when you so much as breathe the same air as her. She's mistakingly trying to hold on to you. Why? Nobody knows. Not even her. But everybody knows how she feels about you.
And the question that has been on my mind for awhile now is... Why did you choose me? Why did you choose me all these years to lean back on, to be a fake to? Why did you choose me to patronize?

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