April 27, 2010
By thebeast BRONZE, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
thebeast BRONZE, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
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My body was pulsing with excitement, as I started smiling at the thought of what was going to happen today. We bounced down the South Carolina road in our sleek, grey, rented Honda, on our way to go parasailing at the beach. It was going to be the highlight of the week. But little did I know my mom, my brother, and I were in for a big surprise.
It seemed like an hour to get to the beach and the car ride was no help at all because I was so excited. My mom hit every bump and every pot hole lodged into the road, but after awhile I got used to it. My brother was asleep, snoring like a sweet-little-angle as my mom puts it. But to me, it sounded like an angry elephant because of the lack of sleep from the late night before. Even though he did not have much sleep the past night, I would think that he would be awake and as excited as I am for the harrowing sport of parasailing.
“We’re here!” exclaimed my mom enthusiastically. The minute my mom switched the lever that put the car into park, I jumped out and bolted to the registration building as my mom woke up my brother. After my mom registered us, we sat waiting for the boat that would take us to get back from its previous round. We waited, waited, waited, and waited some more, but the boat still did not get to us.
My mom eventually went up to the registration office and asked politely, “do you know what is taking them so long?” Unfortunately, they did not know either.
Finally after a full hour, the captain sailed back to shore and we were escorted onto the boat along with ten other people. It took about twenty minutes to get far enough out into the ocean to parasail, and the whole time the captain was blaring Jimmy Buffet on the boat’s radio. When we eventually got out to that part of the ocean, the captain sent the first two people up into the air. They started out slow, but they eventually got to a point so high in the air that they looked like a small and black dot and the captain said that they were soaring at least five hundred feet in the air, and even then, we could hear their screams of enthusiasm and joy. It took about twenty minutes, but they were finally being pulled down so the next two people could go up. After four rounds of people ascended into the air and then back down, it was at long last, my turn.

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