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April 27, 2010
Anticipation, waiting, thinking. What will it be like the first moment I step on the mat? Everybody looking at me, cheering. The feeling of something big about to happen. My stomach; it’s mixing inside making me feel queasy. Only a few more hours until my turn.
The whole team just waiting, waiting to wrestle. We were waiting to start the state wrestling meet; everyone was getting anxious, cranky and just wants all of this to start. I had a big sandwich to try and tie me over until the meet, so I do not vomit on the mat. It was time to enter the stadium, I walked in, a weird sensation had entered my stomach. I looked around and I was traumatized, amazed and astonished by the layout of the mats, the arena was magnificent. I felt like a little boy in a candy shop; it was one of the single best moments in my life. We took our seats in the bleachers, it was cramped, sweaty, and everyone smelled like a garbage dump, probably from being so nervous.
Many hours had passed and half my team was already done, some were happy, and some were not. I didn’t want to know what it felt like to lose and feel like you let someone down. When I heard that announcer say my name my heart stopped, cold blood ran through my veins. I stood up and went to the warm up circle feeling that my feet where going to come from beneath me. I knew there were only a few more minutes until it was my turn to wrestle. I did my warm up routine thinking of what was about to come. Non-stop thinking about the match and what I should do; I wish I never joined this sport. There it was… “JORDAN H.” over the loud speaker. Matt called me over so we can go over to our designated mat. I was shaking out of my skin I knew the moment was coming; Tick Tock Tick Tock was all I could think in my head. There it was my opponent, and the Ref.

“Jordan?” The ref asked me.
“Yes that’s me,” I responded.
“Good luck boys have a good match,” the ref told the both of us.

There it was, my moment, everyone cheering for me. I’ve never had a better feeling, than I had right that instance when that ref blew that whistle, we shook hands, it finally had arrived.

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