The Mission

April 27, 2010
By Chuck19 BRONZE, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Chuck19 BRONZE, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
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The Mission

My eyes slowly fluttered open, and my mind slipped out of its slumber. I then lifted my head and gazed out the window realizing it was my last day. I slowly rose out of bed and dragged my half asleep body into the shower. The next ten minutes went by in a blur as I got ready for the day. I then stepped out of the room, walked down the hall and jumped in the car for the last day of my mission’s trip.

Once we arrived, I jumped out of the car grabbed one of the bags in the trunk and headed toward the entrance of Black Dog Hall. I set the bag by the door the grabbed the handle and pulled. Nothing, the door would not budge it was locked. “Does anyone have the key?” I hollered.

A few seconds later a middle aged woman from the reservation came over and held up the key and unlocked the door. I flung open the doors and peered down a dark hall into the room where we would teach our last day of Bible school.

The room was s big as any gym and had a particular smell that I could not think of. As I walked farther into the room I looked up and saw a spider web of rafters entangled with one another.
I started to look down when Ted said, “Charlie, put the preschool things in the corner.”
“Okay,” I replied.

I headed for the far right corner of the room by the rugged white benches where the preschoolers would sit. After tossing the bag of books and toys to the ground, I turned my head around to see the first kid arriving for Bible school. The kid looked about twelve-years-old and was holding a hand of a little boy around five and I knew he would be my first student of the day.
As the other kids arrived, the day flew past my eyes until it was our last activity, Art. Art has always been the preschooler’s favorite activity for the five years I had been coming and I am pretty sure the years before that too. The art station consists of five tables and boxes full of sting and beads needed for making the days activity. The children then raced toward the chairs trying to get the closest one near the art instructor.
After all the kids had taken a seat the instructor stood and said, “today we are going to make cross necklaces.”
When I looked around I saw the kid’s eyes light up like a thousand suns. All of the kids mouths widened and a smile appeared. Then the children’s attention went straight to the instructor to see how they were going to make necklaces but the teacher just instructed to be creative and that the kids knew how to do the rest.

When the kids got going I started to check around to see who needed help but I could only see one child who did, that small boy was my first student of the day. The little boy couldn’t get the necklace together in any way. The beads wouldn’t stay, the not kept coming undone but the worst of all was none of the other kids would help him.
Seeing this I went over to him and showed him step by step how to make a necklace. When he finally finished he held it up for me to see than ran off to show his new creation to everybody. On that day I learned that if someone is struggling you should always see if they need help.

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