Unexpected Experience

April 27, 2010
By elizab1 BRONZE, Wheaton, Illinois
elizab1 BRONZE, Wheaton, Illinois
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Never, ever eat at a Chinese buffet! If there’s one thing I’ve learned, Chinese buffets are disgusting in numerous ways. What I saw at that restaurant made my stomach flip, and I know I will never find myself going back there.

I walked into the restaurant and right away smelled a million different foods with soft music playing in the background. I ran up to greet my cousins and pick a seat where my back is to the wall so I could look over the whole restaurant. When the waitress came up to ask about drinks I cleared my throat to say, “I’ll have a Pepsi, please.” The restaurant was not crowded at all; hardly a fourth of it was filled. So why did it take so long for our drinks to get there? Finally I saw the lady walk up with a silver dish holding all of our drinks. When I took my first sip of Pepsi, I spit it out to find it was my sisters iced tea, not my Pepsi.

Forgetting about the drink mess up, I grabbed my favorite cousins hand, Marly, and we ran over to get our plates of food. Going down the line of food at the buffet, one of the first things that caught my eyes were the frog legs. “Eww!” Marly screeched. Instead of her talking about the frog legs that made me want to barf, she was pointing at octopus. Octopus! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I decided to just stick with a salad for a while.

After a little while later, Marly and I decided to walk around the restaurant. She points out the sushi bar. Mmm, I love sushi, well California roles but that’s pretty much the same thing. After I finished the California roles I walked back over to see if the man at the counter made any more. The chubby Chinese man had the knife in his hand and looked as if he was about to make more sushi to put up. Right as I thought he was going to do just that, he took the knife and used it to cut off his pinky fingernail. My stomach went uneasy. Had he really just used the sushi knife to cut his fingernail? He was using that knife for the sushi that I ate! Still thinking about it makes me want to puke. I can hardly bring up this story without gagging myself.

I know that there are a lot of places that aren’t the cleanest, but when you actually witness the disgusting things that go on in food places, you aren’t going to want to go back to the place. What I saw that happened there was an unforgettable experience that I know will never leave my mind. One thing I’ve learned is that unexpected things can happen at any time, especially when you aren’t ready for them.

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