The Unexpected Turn

April 27, 2010
By Anonymous

Their car pulled in the driveway and they tumbled out. I had been waiting for this the whole summer-the day my favorite neighbors came up to my lake house. Except after this day they might not be my favorite anymore.

We raced down the ninety something stairs and onto the dock. My neighbor, Samantha looked across the pier and eyed the jet skis. Her eyes got wide and she started bouncing up and down. “Nobody told me you have jet skis!” she yelped, “Can we ride them, oh, please!”

Taking my fear of water into regard I decided that I would ride them with her only because I didn’t want to look like a baby in front of everyone. She dashed back up the pier and over to her dad who was still making his way slowly down the stairs. His eyes traveled over to the docked jet skis and he nodded, I knew what she had asked and there was no doubt, I’d have to go with them.

We secured our life jackets and loaded onto the jet ski. Right before we were about to leave we saw Ricky skipping over towards us. “Oh no,” we thought. All three of us knew he was not going to let us go without him. Ricky cried “I want to come with you guys!” His dad scooted up to make room while I complained, “This jet ski is only designed for three people, we can’t add an extra person!”

“Oh yes we can, you guys are all small it won’t harm,” my neighbor explained. I knew he was probably wrong, but I didn’t argue because I knew I had no chance of getting my way. We started off and all was going well until Samantha suggested we make this ride worth it and turn in circles. I groaned because that was my least favorite part about these things.
We picked up speed and then starting turning in small circles. Before I knew it, water was splashing all around me and I was gasping for air. I was bobbing like a bobble-head in the water when my neighbor told me we had flipped over. By that time I was crying, I had been brave enough to come along in the first place and now we had all fallen off. Now all I really wanted was to get back to the pier safely. I begged, but, everyone else insisted we keep riding. And then he did it again, we were all reliving the first accident, but this time it was on purpose. “See it’s not so bad once it happens again,” my neighbor reassured us. But this just made me even more scared.

Finally he gave in and let us go back to the pier. When we got there my parents felt bad and gave me a hug. They knew that I had probably not wanted to go out in the first place, and now my fear was even worse. From then on I despised water, boats and jet skis.

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on May. 7 2010 at 9:04 am
iloveclairezaura BRONZE, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
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good job claire (: nice story


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