The Comet

April 26, 2010
By shauna244 BRONZE, Hanover, Maryland
shauna244 BRONZE, Hanover, Maryland
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George Bernard Shaw said that "There are two tragedies in life, one is to lose your heart’s desire, the other is to gain it." From this I guess its fine to say that Shaw’s definitely had his heart broken once or twice. Normally I’d not agree with this. I’d just say love? Who cares? Well, that was me before I fell in love for the first time. That was me before I was pulled into a place where everything was perfect. That’s what I thought until that path came to an end. It’s been months, months since I’ve seen that perfect life. Now, it’s just darkness that surrounds me.

Darkness. That’s what I’ve been surrounded by. That’s all I see. That’s all that surrounds me every day of my life. Every day I lay on my roof top, waiting for something exciting to happen. Waiting for something to change and be out of order. But the old graying shingles that I lay upon stay the same. Same as the old, dull stars that scatter the dark sky around me do waiting to be forgotten. But it’s been months, too many months, since a light filled the cold, dark depths of my heart. So every night I wait for the light I’ve been missing from my life to glow in the night skies. It was until that one night that had finally given up hope when I saw it. The night I saw him and my life changed forever. The beautiful light that glowed off of his caramel skin lit my whole world. His warm milk chocolate eyes stared deep into my soul, flawlessly reading every secret I ever thought I could hold. The soft musical voice that left his lips sending perfect words to my ears, soothing my mind and soul. The touch that set the sun to my skin and caused my heart to race. The laughter and smiles came flawlessly when he was around, as if they were meant to be for him. I smiled more and my sky reflected it, for never had a dark sky surrounded me when he was there. I had never been happier in my life, because I was in love for the first time. Then as time passed, the light of that star slowly started to fade and my skies became darker. The milk chocolate pools I used to swim in were now frozen over and never seemed to understand my thoughts. The soft musical voice was now like a dagger that pierced my swelling heart with each poisonous word it spoke. The touch I longed to feel was not even a factor as he drifted farther away from my atmosphere. Laughter? I don’t even know what it’s like any more, so don’t ask. One day I woke to find my sky completely dark and the shattered pieces of my heart piercing my chest. Like I said, it’s been months since I’ve felt alive. Months since a star has lit up my sky. Every night I lay on top of my roof, only my mending heart and old gray shingles to keep me company. It’s on that old boring roof that I lay and wait, gazing up at the dark skies hoping that my beautiful comet will return. It’s on that roof that I wait for that comet to return and bring life, light and meaning to my life again.

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I was staring up at the stars

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