The long, curvy, sometimes dangerous, and most of the time crazy road to finding myself

April 12, 2010
Have you ever noticed that the spectacular happens when you’re not expecting it? When you feel like staying on the couch and eating another whole fried chicken someone pulls you up to you feet, literally drags you away from your chicken and sofa, and you find something amazing? Something that’s worth more than all the poultry and material comfort in the world?
Yes, you never seem to see the supernatural coming. Then it hits you in a way similar to the way a bus would hit you, knocks you off your feet and leaves you forever changed. Contrary to a bus accident, however the magic moments I’m referring to leave you changed in a good way. You find yourself stronger, more self aware, no longer afraid, and more, well, yourself.
It doesn’t all magically fall into place in a moment though. You don’t suddenly realize everything about where your life is headed and who you are in a single paranormal second. Unfortunately, life still flies by in somewhat of a chaotic, though often times enjoyable, mess. But I do feel like when you experience these moments, you walk away with more defined edges and a stronger core of the tangled mess of life. In moments like these, that’s where you find what you live for.
The changes you see could be drastic or barely noticeable. But having lived through one of these moments in my own life, I can’t imagine there is a possible way to walk away from something like that completely unchanged. These moments have the power to melt a heart of stone and change how even the most biased extremist sees the world. I don’t know- maybe it’s a matter of how deep you look for the epiphany. You could take it to the core or barely skim there surface.
But somehow, it exists- magic that happens everyday around us. Not magic like witch’s spells and voodoo dolls, but simple things, that maybe if we took a closer look at them we would find this magic and walk away forever changed- forever stronger.

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pfpt said...
May 7, 2010 at 6:39 am
I appreciate the truthfulness of this piece, I think we can all relate to those moments that change our lives.
PrincessPineapple replied...
May 8, 2010 at 5:02 am
Thanks! :)
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