Best Friends

March 26, 2010
I had a friend named megan that i met in kindergarten.The thing that i liked about my friend Megan is that she was a wonderful friend thats what i liked about her .I wish that she still were here so that i could tell her all of the fun staff that i have learned here at Treasure mountain international middle school.If Megan were here i would be so happy to see s her. I till remember that in kindergarten we always fought over the toys and always got time out. When me and megan got mad at each other we always used to say I'm not talking to you anymore but as not talking to each other never lasted very long because at lunch we didn't sit together because it didn't matter but at recesses since we had no one to sit with he started talking to each other so that we had someone to play with.

Meagan and I had been best friends till 5th grade because her mom took her out of school because she had a lot of problems in school so her mom decided that i would be best for her to be home schooled instead of her going to Ecker hill ,When i found out that her mom was going to take her out of school because i really liked hanging out with her at lunch.The last time that i saw my friend megan was in 6th grade. at lunch i sat with her because she had nobody to sit with we talked about all kinds of staff we also were talking about what classes we had together .When we found out that we had four classes together we were so happy .But on the next day i didn't see her so i thought that she was just sick till it passed a month that i didn't see her thats when i stared to worry so i asked her friends why she hasn't gone to school they told me that she was no longer going to school i didn't believe them till i asked Megan's mom if it was true and she said yes.

i remember that whenever one of us got in trouble the other one also had to get in trouble so that we didn't have to sit alone in lunch and play by ourselves at recess also. When we used to go on field trips we always were the first ones on the bus because we didn't like sitting in the back .

If Megan ever came back i would be happy to be her friend again. Really miss my friend megan I miss having fun times with her,hanging out with her,laughing together, sitting at lunch with her telling the story of the time she throw a pizza across the room in the lunch room.I will never find another friend that is just like her.Some times i wonder about how would it have been if she still were here .and if she has changed or if she still lives in the same place.I just hope that one day i can see her again.

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