live life like never before

April 20, 2010
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Today I will live like I have never lived before. My friends and I walked to the park, near the park there is grain bins. We walked over to the grain bins, casually. We see that there is buttons on the side of one of the grain bins, we check to see if any one else is around, there is no one there. We walk over to the buttons and we push one, but nothing happened, we pushed another one, nothing, we pushed a third button, nothing happened so we began to walk away, just then some one pushed a button and the button lights up. The grain bin’s fan turns on. We run as fast as we can back over to the park, out of breath but still laughing. When the grain bin’s fan went off you received a rush, a rush of something you have never felt before because today you lived like you had never lives before.

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