April 1, 2010
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You like me well. I don't like you and we can only be friends is words that I hear too often. When the words I keep hearing again and again I lose a little of myself. You make me feel like you don't care if I die. Why does everyone I like have to lead me on to thinking that they like me back. I really would take a chance with anyone who I like but they won't give me the time of day. You would only have to go out with me once to find out if you like me. You make me feel like their is something wrong with me that I need to change. You walk, talk, or even walk with me but yet you still don't like me. You make me feel lower than the world itself. I would say that their is no one on this planet that is for me. You mite as well shoot me because the words you say hurt just as worse. Then, you go and get a girlfriend and drift away from me.

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