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April 1, 2010
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Sam is the same age as me, but has already advanced in one of the most popular sports known, golf. He wakes up everyday thinking the same thing. Play. Golf. Win. He knows that he is one of the best and plans on winning all of his future tournaments.

He plays each tournament more aggressive than the last. Winning. Succeeding. He doesn’t even hesitate on his long distant putts. He swings. He rolls the ball in the hole each and every time. He competes on the highest level with ranking pros. How does he do it? He stays relaxed and has the best mindset unlike any other golfer on the course.

He is ready, ready for the last tournament of the year. The biggest. Most important. If he wins this tournament he will receive a sponsorship with FootJoy, a major golf company. Going into the tournament Sam felt strong and had the determination to win this tournament and far surpass all of his close competitors.

The tournament begins. Perfect day. Perfect mindset. Sam destroys the front 9 with a score sitting at 3 strokes under par. There was no competitor in sight. The 18th hole arrives and it’s a par 3. Sam thinks “ I’m sure I could get a hole in one. “ He winds up. Sun in his face. Family watching. Crowd anxious. Sponsors ready. He cracks the ball making the sound of a gun firing right off the tee. The ball sores. Into the sun they see the ball go, and it’s no longer visible. They listen for the landing 150 yards away. Nothing. Not a sound.

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