Most embarrassing moment

March 29, 2010
By ian kanaskie BRONZE, Park City, Utah
ian kanaskie BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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In every ones life they have have at least one embarrassing moment in there life time. my most embarrassing moment was in the 3rd grade at a party for Halloween. Every one was dressed up and having a blast at the party even the teachers were dressed up in costumes so non of us knew who the teachers were so one of the dressed up teaches wrote a note to all the students saying that near the end of they day we were going to have a game to guess who the teachers were. For about an hour we partied until about 30 mis until we had to clean up and go home. So one of the kids knew who the teachers were already so they yelled ITS TIME FOR THE GAME, we all paused for a moment then walked over to weir the kid was standing. he explained how the game was going to work and then he called up one kid and the kid guessed a person of being a teacher and was wrong. About 7 guesses later their was only one teacher left to guess and then I was called up to guessed and I was positive I knew who it was. As I walked up to weir the kid was he said who do you think the teacher is. I hesitated for a minuet and looked around at all the students and then in an instant I pointed at some one and said thats the teacher and the kid said “are you positive” being as positive as i was I quickly said yes i am and he told the guessed person to come up to weir we were standing and he said to me again are you going with this person, i said yes i am and then he said last chance. Thinking that he was trying to trick me into saying no and guess a wrong person. I said yes i am positive and if i am wrong i will do something rely dumb to make me sad and so the kid said ok and he asked the guessed person are you a teacher. The person was slowly taking the mask off of the costume and then once it was all the way off i realized that it was one of my friends and it was one of my best friends i felt so dumb and stupid so then my friend said what are you going to do now that you are wrong i said i what ever i have to do and they said i have to go skipping down the halls saying that i like pie very loud and thats why i dont play any guess who games any more

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