Falling Out

April 11, 2010
By aisha234 BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
aisha234 BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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For the past year and a half, I was in love. It wasn't the kind of love that is untrue and fickle, it was real. At least that is what I thought until the 'falling-out-of-love' process began. The whole thing was awkward and heartbreaking and the entire time I felt like I was the worst person in the whole wide world. I felt like everyone was pointing their fingers and calling me out for how I was feeling, but I couldn't help it. My love was diminishing quicker and quicker by the minute.

The hardest part of being the bearer of bad news as the relationship comes to its demise is the judgment that comes along with it. I felt as thought everyone was on his side and that no one could hear my side of the story. As though I was the one who couldn't handle a grown up relationship.

But you know what I learned through this experience? I learned that in life mishaps are bound to happen. You will come face to face with people who will come and go out of your life, but they will change you for the better. They will help you grow and learn to love. He taught me to love and to open my heart to others. So while I could sit around feeling sorry for myself, instead I will love and love again.

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