3 is better than 2

April 10, 2010
By Solizma BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
Solizma BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
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"The only thing worse than not winning is losing."-Anonymous Source

After my first dog Chase died, I didn’t feel like a part of me was lost, or disappeared. I don’t know why. Maybe because I was only 9. But I did want another dog and regularly asked my mother for another dog, all the time. I did miss Chase alot, and was trying to fill the empty place he left in my heart by asking for another dog.. I did not loose a part of me, like some people in stories talk about. But I did feel an empty place in my heart and missed my dog.

When I finally did get Max, my poodle, one year later a whole different army of emotions engulfed me. Joy, happiness, excitement - a new part of me was born! I still love him to this day. He does seem to be a part of me. Two years after we got Max another furry friend jumped into my life. Our calico adopted kitty, Mercedes. She was rescued from a shelter and scheduled for death. She is such a nice, sweet, soft cat... She is so smart - she tries to open doors by jumping up and turning the knobs. And another two years later yet another cat showed up. And that’s where my story begins...

On Passover (a religious Jewish holiday), my Mom and I decided to save one more cat. For the past week we looked and looked and we pretty much narrowed down our search.

As I woke up that morning I recalled what it was like the other times with my other animals. I got ready and we were off...

As we drove to Petsmart where the recuse cats were shown, new questions arose, “Is she anti social?, How will she do with Max and Mercedes?”

I put those questions aside for the time being. As we approached the cat area I looked and spotted out our new cat, ‘Ava’. She was a 2 year old small calico tiger kitty. We decided to adopt an older cat because they usually don’t get adopted out easily. I went in and started petting her while my Mom picked out the litter box and food. The Pet Adoption woman arrived and in no time the papers were signed and we were back home with our new cat. Ava is an older cat who was given to the pet adoption lady because she was no longer wanted...She was adopted out and returned a second time because she was small and was scared of the other cats in her second home. All she did was hide. As we carried her up into my room in her carrier Max figured out something was brewing...he just kept bouncing up and down he was so excited.

We let Ava out, and for the rest of the day her permanent home was under the bed..hiding...only to eat her food did she dare come out. The day after, she was a bit more curious and started walking around my room. We had her confined to my room so she could get used to our home and not become overwhelmed by the other two animals. Each day she got a bit less scared.

Now, a week and a half later, Ava has full access to the house but usually stays in my room. She is a playful cat and talks a lot. She likes to be petted, but not held. She greets me with meows and other kitty sounds. She loves Max when he does not annoy her, and Mercedes and Ava get along just fine. She still hides when something spooks

her, however she is beginning to be more courageous. She still runs and hides when Max gets too enthusiastic and bounces around...

I know that Ava will do just fine here in my home..I have learned patience and to understand the needs of a frightened animal. It takes time for anyone to adjust to a new home and new friends. Max and Mercedes are best friends and are eager to let Ava join in on their fun. Soon, 3 will be better than 2!

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