First day of High School

March 26, 2010
By @@@Yeah BRONZE, Airmont, New York
@@@Yeah BRONZE, Airmont, New York
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RING RING! I wake and look at my alarm clock. It is 6:00am. I get dressed thinking how my first day of high school is going to be. I wear new clothes that I just bought. I walk downstairs to the kitchen to have some breakfast. I choose honey nut cheerios and put it in a bowl. It’s delicious. The regular cheerios, I am not a fan. So far the morning was good.

I got on the bus I see my old friends and some new people. When I get to the high school I see a lot of kids and I hear people talking. I smell food, but it is not lunch time. I am thirsty, so I got to the water fountain. I taste the cold water. I feel scared and happy. Happy that I am here and scared of the big kids.

AS I get closer to class I say hi to my friends. I get into the classroom and meet my teacher. As the time went by I saw all my teachers. I sit in the classrooms. I felt the floors moving because people were rushing into the classrooms. I here all the nice things my teachers had to say. I smelled the nice aroma of the clean classrooms. I tasted the humid air. So far I really like high school.

DING DING! Lunch! Everyone rushed to the lunchroom. I walked in and saw my friends on the lunch line. I looked around and saw hungry people, shoving food into their mouth. I heard people talking. I smelled yummy food. I tasted a spicy chicken sandwich. I felt people pushing me to get on lunch line. Everyone sat outside the lunch room and in the hallway. The hallways were very noisy.

Lunch was over. It was the longest lunch ever. It was the afternoon. That meant more classes. I saw more teachers. I tasted sweat on my tongue. I heard a girl chatting loud. I smelled afternoon sweat. I felt the room getting smaller. There were so many kids in the room. School was over. I almost missed my bus. But, I found it. High school is fun. Can’t wait till tomorrow. Bye.

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