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April 1, 2010
By Anonymous

As the user of many Nike products I would like to complement you and your company on what a fantastic job you have done. I am a four hour marathon runner and am proud to wear your products in races. I would like to specifically point out the Nike Free 5.0 sprinting shoes. Although they are sprinting shoes, I have yet to find a better pair of shoes to run a marathon in.

As a size 7, I have run my way through many pairs of shoes. After buying my first pair of Nike Free 5.0’s, I would never go back to anything else. It seems as if I’m not wearing shoes at all when I have them on. Nothing has been more comfortable. Not only have I been impressed with your shoes, your clothing has done nothing but impress me.

As a soon to be “broke college student,” continuing to buy Nike products may be a challenge. I would love nothing more but to keep up with wearing Nike products for future marathons and races. Helping out would be greatly appreciated.

As your motto states, “Just Do It,” I am doing it and will continue to promote and use Nike products. Thanks for outstanding products and keep up with the good work. Feel free to contact me if needed at... or the previous stated address.

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