The Beach

April 1, 2010
By emily kuhn BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
emily kuhn BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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My favorite place in the world is the beach, in particular, the Outer Banks. I have gone there every year since I was born, and recently been going a few extra times during the year. Whether I am with friends and family, or completely alone, I am at home. Lying on the beach is my favorite thing to do. It is so peaceful and relaxing nothing could be better. The sound of the waves crashing, the sounds of seagulls flying overhead, kids and adults laughing and giving a good time are the comforting sounds that I hear. Having no schedule or rules, complete freedom is so amazing. I could stay there forever. This is the peak of the day; I am soaking up the sun and feeling the warm rays on my body. The hot sand under my body acts as a pillow for my entire body, this is complete relaxation. In the distance I see the pier, protruding out into the ocean. People are everywhere, bright beach umbrellas are scattered shading old and young from harmful rays. Kids are running and jumping in to the small waves crashing at shore. Big dogs chase Frisbees and tennis balls to retrieve and take back to their owner. Nowhere is better than here.

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