Home Away From Home

April 1, 2010
By Anonymous

I was kayaking on a blue river in Alaska, just by our campsite. My mum was ahead of me in her kayak, while my brother and dad were on the shore fishing with my dog playing in the water. Mt. McKinley is in the distance, beyond lush, green trees, and other mountains. The water is clear enough where I see salmon swimming underneath. We hit shore, and a bear bumbles up, but it does not cause a stir. He sits down and plays with my dog.

Home Away From Home (Original)
A place where I felt completely at home was Alaska. In the towns, and cities, most everyone knew each other (exceptions being the bigger cities like Anchorage). The summers are a nice cool 60°, but you have to tolerate the bitter cold winters.

Alaska is a place that is still very natural and free. You can drive for miles, and only see the rear end of a moose, and some sheep. Everything is quite, and serene. Going fishing in fishing in Fairbanks led to catching a monster King Salmon, watching a momma Alaskan Brown Bear with her cub, and counting the abundance of Bald Eagles.

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My time in Alaska

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