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March 27, 2010
By babygurl562 BRONZE, Paramount, California
babygurl562 BRONZE, Paramount, California
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"Confidence is the key to success"....."Nothing can't break me but only make me"...

Why would you lie? What did I say or do to hurt you.I never did anything wrong. I've been good since day one. You think I would lie. You said that you'll always be on my side. You and your lies can do away. I dont wanna talk or see you again. I always thought you would be my best friend. But in the end you turned on me. You took there side over mine. You make me wanna sit here and cry. Well guess what I dont need you or anyone. I can make it in life alone. At least i'll know there's someone who will love me and care no matter what i do or say. I sat here listening enough about how you want my life to better then yours. Well trust and believe i'm going to be a better person then you was. You may think i've lied to you but guess what I dont have to lie cause my life is easy. All I have to do is say the truth and that will keep me going. If I lie I wont make it no where but where you are at today. I never lied or deceived you in any way. I dont get what I have to do to make you proud, but I'mtired of telling the truth. I'm tired of having to cover things up when there not good enought for you. God once said I am the way the TRUTH and the LIGHT you live by faith and not by sight, so all i'm saying is I felt better when it was just me and you. I believe in my eyes that i've done nothing wrong, but to you there are a list of things I can't take back because the past is the past and your future is your future. I'm not the best child in the world or even an all straight "A" student, but guess what i'm at least i try. I'm never giving up unless I really have too. You got your wish it's my time to give up and to stop saying how i feel about my life, outlooks, and even how i feel or think. I hope you understand i'm not doing this for me but i'mdoing this for you. Have a wonderful life. Just know that Mama and Papa are looking upon you until this day.

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Struggles in life...

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