Game Of Numbers

March 26, 2010
By Anonymous

The 50, 40, 30, 20, 15, 10, 5 Touchdown! The home team scores again! The simplicities of a football game could get anyone from the ages of 4 to 60 pumped up. If you had a decision between this, or another sport that you had been playing for all of your life, what would you do? Discovering this sport was like a new found love. I didn’t have time though to play my new found sport, and my old sport, basketball. Making this decision was a big turning point in my life.
Growing up in New York City there was no grass or fields just hard top parks with basketball rims. So I guess I had no choice, but to take on this sport that is very famous in the city I was born. Obsessed with my new obsession I decided to take it on to the fullest. I bought everything from new Jordan sneakers every month to a camp to enhance my skills in this game. Till I moved from New York City to Michigan in fourth grade.
Things weren’t as odd as you are thinking; kids still played basketball normally so I’m like cool. Till later during recess I seen these kids throwing around a ball very odd shaped with laces on it. I walked up to them and I joined there little pickup game of theirs. Right away I adapted to what position I would play in this game, but I wasn’t so sure about this new game. Still this game wasn’t as satisfying as my first lady basketball.

All through middle school I watched my friends play this game from the school team to county teams. It came to me that this game was a big deal, very big more than any other sport in this state. I decided to go out for the team in my freshmen year of high school. Enjoying every week I started becoming attracted to this beautiful game of inches. The fact you can hit whoever you want without getting in trouble for it. I took it as a therapy session for me, everyday lace up my cleats and put on my pads getting ready to go to work.
Football to me was like a battlefield two countries’s going to war and the survivors win. To help out my team in the offseason I decided to life weights. This experience took my life by storm; it changed my body in so many good ways that it became an everyday thing for me.
Free safety: His job tends to be to keep some distance from the line of scrimmage, watch the play unfold, and follow the ball. On pass plays, the free safety is expected to assist the cornerback on his side and to close the distance to the receiver by the time the ball reaches him. On run plays in football a free safety is suppose to come up and make a play on the ball carrier. Normally a free safety is called “the last line of defense,” why because he is normally the last person to beat to score. That’s my position, yeah I know it’s kind of hard but everyone has an assignment on a football team.
Right away I grew to this game like I was born to play it; I dropped basketball and forgot everything about it. Started working towards my new goal and new found glories in this wondrous game. Still to this day football continues to evolve my life, making me stronger, wiser on and off the field.

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