Love Or Trust

March 25, 2010
By Jackie.Astorga BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Jackie.Astorga BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Once a young girl named Emily was living the dream life. She was really close with her family, she would tell them everything, and she would get everything she ever wanted. Inseparable would be a great word to describe her and her family. But slowly as she started getting older everything was changing and not for the best. She started getting in trouble, stopped trusting her family, lied for unnecessary reasons, and even lost her families trust. She wasn’t able to have her camera, have her laptop, or even have her cell phone and much less go out. She was stuck at home cleaning as if she was Cinderella. Soon she got out of middle school and was a freshman in high school. Never did she think that she would find someone that became everything to her. Emily saw a guy named Luis and every single time she saw him, heard his name, or was around him she had the most intense butterflies. As she started talking to him and getting to know him, she realized that she had a crush on him. The more they kept talking, the more she liked him. He was in two of her classes and they had the same lunch shift. One of Emily’s friends told her that Luis, as well, has a crush on her. She thought it was too good to be true, so she denied it. Eventually, they talked on the phone one night and he admitted to her that he did like her. As soon as she heard him say that she was left speechless. There was no way for her to react, she was blushing, had a warm feeling in her stomach, tears in her eyes and her heart was beating fast. At that moment she knew they would have something special. The next day when they went to school, everyone was asking Emily why she was so happy. All she could do was smile and say, “Luis”. Her friends thought that she was falling for him and she was indeed. Once she got in the classroom and saw Jose she was speechless. He turned around, smiled at her as she returned it. As she slowly sat down he turned to face her and said, “Hey Emily”. She smiled nonstop as she replied, ‘Hello Luis”. During that class period neither one of them could stop cheesing or grinning. As soon as the bell rang they all left to lunch. Emily went to look for her friends. She felt someone grab her arm, she saw it was Luis. He looked at her and asked if they could talk for a moment. They went to go sit down at a bench. He then asked her how exactly she felt for him. There was a pause, then she replied, “Well, Luis, I think your really cute, your extremely nice to me, you put a huge smile on my face and well, I just want to be with you.” He smiled a great big smile and said, “Wow! You took the words right out my mouth, I feel the same way!” She was in total shock. To her, this was unbelievable. She hoped they would become more than just friends one day. Little did she know that her hopes would come true sooner than expected. She didn’t think he was serious. So many people have lied to her in the past, she didn’t know if he would be one of them. That night her phone rang and to her surprise, Luis was calling her. When she answered he sounded extremely joyful to hear her voice. They talked on the phone until eleven at night. The next day after school they were walking together when he suddenly paused. Her grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes; she was dying of butterflies in her stomach. He realized she was nervous, he told her, “Don’t be nervous!” She simply nodded her head then he asked her, “Emily, how would you like to be my girlfriend?”
There was a pause, and then she said, “Yes!” They both were outrageously happy. The couple continued walking as they were holding hands. Everyone was looking at them explaining that they made a wonderful couple and they were wishing them the best. Both Emily and Luis had a nice big smile on their faces. After a few weeks of dating, they were starting to have small issues here and there. In the end they decided to go their own ways. Emily was really hurt, she even cried herself to sleep while Luis acted like he didn’t care. They remained as friends, but Emily hated not having Luis to herself. Luis had no idea how Emily was feeling, but Luis himself was pretty hurt. He couldn’t stand to see Emily with other guys, it was too much for him, so he pretended to not care because he thought Emily was happy and that’s all he wanted. One night as they were talking on the phone, she was sick and tired of crying, so she told Luis exactly what she was feeling. She said, “Luis, not being with you is the hardest thing I have to deal with, I just want to be all yours, I love you too much to just forget about you. No one has ever treated me like you, when I’m with you, I just get this feeling. I’m not sure what the feeling is but I have it. I realized that you did love me and you meant everything to me. No one has ever made me as happy as you. Luis, I’m in love with you!” He had absolutely nothing to say. The few things he did say were spectacular. He admitted to Emily that he was close to falling in love with her and that his feelings were super strong. He also said that he has never met anyone quite like her, also that she is always going to be special to him, and that she’s one amazing person. Everything he said made Emily very delightful. Never did she expect him to feel that way and mean it. A few days later they went to the movies with a gang of people. Al together it was about ten of them. That night Emily and Luis kissed. Emily didn’t know they took picture with her camera. When she got home she saw the pictures. She didn’t think anything of them so she didn’t delete them. The following weekend Emily and her mother were arguing because her mother saw the pictures. She didn’t know what to say. Her mother was exceedingly enraged. Emily’s mother took her camera, laptop and phone. Crying was all Emily could do. She didn’t cry because she was in trouble, she cried because she wouldn’t be able to go out with Luis or talk to him at home. After four days Emily and her mother continued fussing at each other. Her mother repeatedly told her that he didn’t really care and that he was just telling her what she wanted to hear. Emily was in denial, she knew that he wouldn’t lie to her and that everything he told her was true and it came from the bottom of his heart. After that big argument between Emily and her mother, she never saw her family the same. She stopped talking to her sister, father, mother and brother. At the end of everything she has been through with her family, she didn’t trust any of them. In fact, she trusted Luis and only Luis. She was truly appalled that Luis was there for her even after what they have been through. He once told Emily, “No matter what happens between us, I’m never leaving you alone.” And that’s exactly what he was doing. He proved that not every guy is the same and he was keeping his word. Never before has she had someone be so loyal to her. She felt so hurt that her own mother was putting her down. After so long, they were still having stupid little fights. Emily felt as if her mom would find any little thing jus to yell or argue at her. She was tired dealing with that nonsense. Putting up with her mother was now getting frustrating. She didn’t know how to react anymore. At the end of the day she realized that she completely lost her trust for her family. There was one person she trusted now and that one person was Luis. From that day forward she told everything to Luis. He was the only person that understood her and actually listened to her. Most times she felt as if it was only her and Luis. The last thing she expected was to tell him everything that was going on in her life. She was felt safe enough telling him all this stuff and she knew he wouldn’t tell anyone. She realized that he was the one she loved and the person she could never stop trusting. Emily was truly in love with Luis and she was falling head over heels for him. All she could think about was how she managed to trust Luis way more that her own family. Luis was the person that knew everything and anything about her and her life.

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