The Top 5 Alternative Albums of 2009-10

March 23, 2010
By RainierM BRONZE, Dutch Harbor, Alaska
RainierM BRONZE, Dutch Harbor, Alaska
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From the summer of 2009, to 2010, bands have been making their voices heard by millions across the nation with their recently released albums. Listening to their songs, I have made decisions on who are my favorite bands and what are my favorite albums. Knowing my favorites, I have decided to make my Top 5 list for the albums released from 2009-10.

Anywhere But Here
Mayday Parade

Anywhere But Here defines the action packed band known as Mayday Parade. Known as an emotional group, Mayday Parade follows up their previous album, A Lesson In Romantics. Their fans anticipated the release of their new album. If you listen to Anywhere But Here, you’ll know that it is worth the wait. This album starts off with a bang, with their first track, “Kids in Love,” a song naming off memories of adolescent romance. This long awaited album follows up with many favorites. But, the songs cannot be compared to one another because of the diversity in emotion. From the soft ballad of “I Swear this Time I Mean It,” to the up-beat melody of “Get Up.” The biggest accomplishment of this album was showing that Mayday Parade can carry on without their former vocalist, Jason Lancaster. Their current lead singer, Derek Sanders, clearly proved that he could carry the bad on his own. After listening to this album a couple thousand times, I give Anywhere But Here two thumbs up. Getting this album will be worth your time, and you will definitely enjoy the album.
Nothing Personal
All Time Low

Coming from Baltimore, Maryland, this east-coast band thrills everyone with their enthusiastic melodies, and admirable instrumentals. Nothing Personal arguably tops their previously released album, So Wrong, It’s Right. Releasing chart-topping singles, Weightless, and Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t), before the release of the full album, the two singles anticipated fans across the nation, and even fans across the globe. In the summer of 2009, the album’s release shocked millions. The catchy tracks on this record stunned the supporters of the band. The album released many favorites on arguably the best album of the summer. From “Break Your Little Heart”, to “Therapy”, all the songs on this album are favorites to many listeners. Going to your local music store, or iTunes and buying this album is worth it, because you won’t get tired of this album.

On Your Side
A Rocket to the Moon

A Rocket to the Moon is known for Nick Santino’s gentle-synthesized voice but, On Your Side redefined this well admired, Punk/Pop group. The album kicks off with She’s Killing Me, a song about the struggles of an average young-man’s relationships. Following this track, On a Lonely Night, and Dakota capture many people’s attention, because of On a Lonely Night’s catchy melody, and the drastic change in instrumentals for Dakota. For the rest of the album, A Rocket to the Moon continues a list of songs talking about beauty, and even more struggles. In the middle of this record, Like We Used To changes the mood following the joyful track, Life of the Party. Like We Used To is one of the favorites on this album. Talking about memories and grief, A Rocket to the Moon makes people want to shed tears after listening to this emotional song. Giving this album a “two-thumbs up,” On Your Side was definitely one of the best albums of 2009-10.

Love Like This

The Summer Set

The Summer Set, a Power-pop band that was once unrecognized, proves that they deserve the spotlight with their powerful album, Love Like This. This album keeps everyone entertained with their up- beat style, and lyrics that make you want to dance, or even cry. From their album named song “Love Like This,” to “Punch-Drunk Love,” each and every song on this record gives all listeners memories that put a smile on your face. When I first listened to the album, I knew that I would keep listening to it for a life time.

Smile Kid

We the Kings

The well known band from Florida, We the Kings, follows up their self-titled album with the greatly successful release, Smile Kid. Many people may favor their popular single, “Heaven Can Wait,” an up-tempo track that everyone will enjoy. To add a soft side to the album, Disney star, Demi Lovato is featured in another favorite, “We’ll Be a Dream.” It is a touching ballad that still has the Punk/Pop attitude. Though this album has many excellent singles, I believe that there are some “fillers” in the album. But, if you do are looking for an up-beat, cheery album, Smile Kid is the album for you.

Though you can change my list if you want, I believe that they all are in place. For support of my favorite bands, and your enjoyment, please purchase these albums at your local record dealer or at home from iTunes. Buying these albums will be worth the trouble. You will not be disappointed.

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