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March 18, 2010
By ifiwereabell BRONZE, Cupertino, California
ifiwereabell BRONZE, Cupertino, California
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Laying in the grass on a sunny afternoon curling my toes around a lush green grass, my eyes closed, this wind gentle playing with my hair.

The crystals of snow that turn into droplets when they meet warm skin, where their harshness becomes soothing, the bitterness becomes warm.

When the sky cries. Its tears pitter-pattering on the window sill, lulling me to sleep as I peacefully lay in the safety of warm, soft blankets, clouds.

Climbing up so high that everything is revealed, nothing remains a mystery. When all is a kingdom, and you are the queen.

The smell of the next day after rainfall. When the air is so fresh, so undamaged, it burns the inside of your nose as you find yourself being greeted by an array of colors surrounding you in a semicircle.

Feeling your muscles relax when stretching after having to stay still for an obnoxiously long amount of time.

Singing for the pure enjoyment of hearing the notes of a beautiful song, to taste the hard consonants and the rounded vowels on the tip of your tongue, to feel the emotion and see the beauty of the melody of the music twirling around you, awing you, caressing you, leaving you helpless, leaving you at its mercy.

Seeing the smiles and gratitude of the people you’ve helped, seeing the genuine gratefulness in their souls, knowing they will never forget you.

Flying on a dragon’s back, traveling through time and space, sitting in the pews of a courthouse and only later realizing I had lost myself in the pages of a book.

Achieving success in the things you’ve really worked hard for.

Mindlessly writing, endlessly thinking in absolute silence. Where everything can be heard but nothing makes a sound.

Remembering, these invaluable, precious, irreplaceable memories.

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