March 11, 2010
By Anonymous

when i walk in this house i feel unwelcome like i don't belong here. before i reach the steps of this house, this home, this shelter my feelings go from happy to
"ugh I'm back here". its not the people I'm around its just a vibe i get every time i open the door to my home. sometimes i feel like i rather be with my friends all day then to be around my "family". I was never close to them personally but i don't want to feel like i can't be around them. but i can't help it. i wish i could just get away for a while and see what its like to have a family again to be able to know what it feels like to be loved. i want to know why i say the wrongs things at the wrong time???

The author's comments:
this is about how i feel uncomfortable around my family because of the things that happen with us. we have alot of problems to work out, alot of communication problems

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