March 12, 2010
By spike43788 BRONZE, Creeping Much?, Kansas
spike43788 BRONZE, Creeping Much?, Kansas
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Drops, Puddles and streams. When I mention these words, what is it that comes to mind? For most people the answer is water. However, there a few people like me that think of blood in association with those three words. We think this way because we feel a desire or even a need to harm ourselves. Sometimes it’s so that we don’t hurt those around us. Other times we do it to distract ourselves from the pain of everyday day life. Those of you that have never experienced self harm automatically label us as “freaks”. When confronted about it, your basis is that we crave pain and inflict it upon ourselves.

Is someone that is addicted to cigarettes a “freak”? What about someone who is bipolar? What about pyromaniacs? What makes someone a “freak”? I believe that anyone willing to label someone freaks because they are different are “freaks” themselves. Everyone is different and no one is the same. This is something we are taught from the beginning of our schooling. We are also taught that everyone is equal, so if you think someone who is depressed is a freak, this must mean you are a freak. Or are we to assume that the school teachers lied to us? If you choose to believe that the teachers lied, what’s to say everything else we learned isn’t a lie? To label someone else is to label your own self. For every finger you point, there are three pointing back at you.

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