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March 11, 2010
By fralexandria.elizabeth SILVER, Marrero, Louisiana
fralexandria.elizabeth SILVER, Marrero, Louisiana
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"the scars remind us that the past is real."-papa roach

I lye awake at night staring at the ceiling listening to my ipod. A million and one thoughts go run threw my mined and I get to thinking I’m not gonna write you a love song. I’m tired of everything being about love. What’s the big deal about it anyways? Then it hit me young love is such a dumb love. Does love its self even have a definition? Or is this just me rambling on about nothing at all?

Love causes people to change just for someone to like them. Young love is suppose to be the fun love, but people push to hard on it. Look around you every book I read always has a ending with someone falling in love. Just about every song now-in-days is about love. Love is so overrated and overly used.

Love is just a sick little game. Most people end up breaking someone’s little heart in two. And we all should be shameless of wasting life on these sick games. Then I realize I got caught up in the music again. So there it hit me once again I do walk a fin line between the right and the real. And I don’t ever want to walk anywhere’s near love because its neither right or real.

I dos from the subject of love after some time. Then a song came on and said even though she does believe in love he’s determined to call her bluff. Maybe that’s what I need someone to call me bluff and love me for who I am and make me love them for everything they are and everything I need.

I realized that by this time I was rambling on. So then I fell asleep in to my deepest sweetest dream ever and now see that love is everything very much overrated but everything. Now I’m on this wild case to find my who ever when I don’t even believe in love.

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