The quest for Service

March 9, 2010
By dboyzrav9996 BRONZE, Medina, Ohio
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English 10
9 March 2010

It was ten after 7, Mike and the boys where ready to pack for there camping trip in the morning. There was so much to do before they got onto the road for a long seven hour trip. Mike had well over packed on drinks and food. He gathered about twenty bottles of root beer and twenty bottles of mellow yellow. Mike had an obsession with root beer. He never threw out a single bottle after he drank it; he always collected each and every one. Then there was Sam and Alysse these two where always fighting with each other and arguing about who gets the “front seat”. Their father Don always had to break up the fight, and tell them how immature they act for their age. Their father a fifty three year old FBI agent was well packed for the trip, he took three of his favorite shot guns in case of any bear attacks.

The start of the trip was not a pleasant one at all! Poor Mike had to put up with Alysse and Sam fighting for the first portion of the trip. They had many stops for food and rest. They where very excited for the trip. Most of the way down, they played movies on the RES known as the rear entertainment system. Sam snuck a few root beers when Mike was sleeping, he didn’t find out until he woke up in rage. The rest of the trip was easy sailing as they all eventually fell asleep.

They have made it! Seven long hours of fighting, sleeping, and eating was all worth the trip. As they made it up the long drive they noticed a sign saying welcome to Freddie’s camp. Mike found the camp to be heaven. He thought a break from women and the real world would be a nice change. Sam and Alysse had been here several times and all they wanted to do was use the bathroom. They started to unpack and Don showed Mike around, the cabin had 2 bedrooms and one bathroom which did not have a shower. Mike found his bed and went right for his root beer; he drank 2 down and told Sam he is ready for the excitement to begin.

Dinner was one of the best parts of camp; Don always cooked a fine meal with more than enough food. Tonight they cooked outside on the campfire with a grill over it. They found the woods to be a little scary and lonely at night. Don loved the outdoors; he lived for these kinds of nights. As the boys went back inside Mike went right for his phone to check any new calls or texts from his girlfriend Nicole. As he went into his bag to find his phone he noticed he had received no new calls or texts. He even saw that he did not have one bar of service! Mike panicked and ran to Sam to ask for his phone. Sam laughed and told Mike no one has ever gotten even one bar of service in these woods. Mike was in shock, the next day was his and Nicole’s 2 months! When you’re in high school these things matter very much! Don and alysse went off to bed as for Mike and Sam stayed up later and talked about Mike’s problem. Sam said that there was no way for him to get a hold of her. Mike disagreed and said tomorrow they should climb Mount Rav. Sam looked at Mike in shock and told him no one has ever dared to climb Mt. Rav for bears and snakes infested the mountain. But since Sam was such a great friend he told Mike they will set out tomorrow after lunch for their thrilling quest. They must pack well for the quest. They will need to bring a pistol and food.
Mike woke up at the crack of dawn and found a bear outside chewing on the garbage. He was pretty excited to see this, and didn’t want to stop watching it. The rest of the gang woke up and were ready for the day ahead of them. Don cooked a big breakfast with eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, orange juice, and toast. Mike and Sam discussed their plans for today, and Alysse over heard them she immediately asked if she can go, but Sam said no. He doesn’t want her to come she will just whine the whole time. Mike decided he wanted a girl to come to advise him on what to say to Nicole if he gets service. Alysse and Sam don’t want each other both going but they find a way to work it out. The only problem is that they do not know what to tell Don. He would never allow them to climb the mountain for it is far too dangerous. They all come to a conclusion to tell him that they are going fishing at the river all day. Don lets them go but tells them to be back around dinner time.

They set out on foot with two backpacks a flashlight, phone, food, and their gun. Mike also had to sneak in about 5 root beers, because he’ll need the energy. The mountain is about 20 to 30 minutes away from the camp so they will need to get a move on. The path to the mountain is very winding and narrow. Mike was frightened by noises he thought bears were coming in.

They reach the mountain with lots of time to spare, and figure out the best way to go up it which is side to side to dodge any bears coming from the North. On their way up Sam notices bear tracks in the mud and multiple pieces of garbage on the ground. Mike jumps when he finds bones and fur by a tree. Alysse settles him down by telling him its deer bones not human bones. They now know that there is no turning back and they must face their fears to overcome the mountain.

As they reach about half way, they decide to take out their lunch and take a little break from all the walking. Don prepared 3 Italian subs for them. Mike supplied the ice cold drinks. Sam tells the group there will be something difficult awaiting them. He tells them that his dad said there is an old dump a little further up and bears are always in it eating trash and making a mess. Mike tells them that they can do it. He says the dump is only so big and if any bears come out they can always throw it food. Alysse agrees with him and they set out for round 2.

Mike leads the way up the mountain. They come to the dump and everyone quiets down immediately. Sam goes in and checks it out. He comes back to say that he saw no bears and the coast is now clear. Mike now leads them beside the dump to avoid any contact with anything on the inside. All of a sudden Alysse screams and they turn to see a bear right in front of them. Mike runs as fast as he can up the tree Sam follows but they have to get her out of there before it’s too late.

Sam and Mike thought it might be a good idea to turn back now, but Mike didn’t want to give up all hope just yet. Mike explained how he learned a bear call in Boy scouts. Mike went down the tree and called out. The bear came running the other way in confusion. Mikes call saved Alysse and Sam from being the Bears new dinner. He said the call always works in the time of need.
As it was getting closer to dawn the group was only half a mile away from the top of the mountain. They decided to take a short cut up the rest of the way. It was not long until the reached the top. Mike cried out with joy as they reached there final destination! He pulled out 3 root bears to celebrate. He was too nervous to check his phone yet. He gathered up the strength, and saw he still had no texts or calls. He then noticed that he still had no service. He asked for Sam’s phone and since Sam had Verizon, he had service. He then called Nicole and told her he loves her. Mike was overcome with joy and excitement! He told her his amazing adventure. She thought he was so sweet. He follows what Alysse tells him to say. It works out great! The friends then head home for dinner.
The next day they packed up and were ready for their trip home. Sam, Mike, and Alysse had the time of there lives climbing that mountain. They talked about coming back next year and the year after, making these visits a tradition. Not only did climbing the mountain get Mike service, it brought the friends closer than they ever have been.

The End

The author's comments:
This story shows the bond of friendship these three teens have with each other. They must overcome their fears to reach the top of the mountain.

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