All the Places I've Been

March 8, 2010
By Anonymous

In Heaven, on the clouds is where I sat,
I’ve been to Hell and treaded back.
Under the ocean in her bottomless pit,
Inside a volcano where the devil sits.
At the gallows and within hanging trees,
Inside a hallow church pleading on my knees.
I’ve been to places you’ll never know,
Where the fruit is bitter and no wheat grows.
Alone I traveled among the darkest monsters,
Screaming, crying, and it only got worser.
My heart was cut into countless pieces,
To go on? I had no reason.
I looked around and found myself without companion,
So many times I wanted to die then.
My travels only grew longer and harder,
But through all the bullshit, I only became smarter.
To think that I lost all dear hope,
For I had jumped the deck and left my boat.
Drowning and drowning, I thought it was my end,
I already knew that my heart was to never again to mend.
I’ve been used, abused, and confused by people who I thought would care,
Knowing that, I still traveled to places that no one would dare.
So f*** my Bipolar and all my sins,
I only learned from all the places I’ve been.

The author's comments:
This I wrote when I was hospitalized the second time. I saw this as my declaration of independence. That from that point on, I would make my tragedies into comedies and learning experiencess.

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on Mar. 20 2010 at 11:56 am
bonjouritsandi SILVER, Des Plaines, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"The world wide world is my stage." -Lily Allen,

awe thanks so much(:im happy you've enjoyed it.i have other works but idk why it keeps publishing w/o my name.

on Mar. 19 2010 at 6:57 pm
-raining-grace- BRONZE, Allisaw, Alaska
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Favorite Quote:
-Live Laugh Love-
Its the only way to survive this life.

That was beautiful in a dark way! I love your writing! you seem to take it to the next level. I would love to read more by you!

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