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March 2, 2010
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Sometimes I wonder if inside our heads we have a backspace button.
It would be definitely of much use for some.

5th. grade was my best year of all. The first day I noticed my boy best friend was on my same classroom. This was Enrique. My Enrique. Like always, joking. "With Luz again?!" he said laughing and I answerd "Ough! I am tired of you!" laughing too. That year we became fully best friends. We were already best friends, but not that much. Then Diego walked into the classroom and laughed. I stare at him and laughed. Aswell did Enrique. He sat behind me and Enrique on my side. I wasn't in my girl friends's classroom, a couple were in "A" and a couple were in "C", but none was in "B" with me. To be sincere, I didn't really feel bad. Sometimes, a change is needed.

This year I was with Alondra, Aime, Eva, Astry and me! I was so happy! During the whole year I was smiling the whole days! Hahahaha. Good memories *sight*.

Now 6th. grade had to come. Just to start, the begining was more than fine! Actually perfect. Everything was going right, sure. "What can go wrong?" I thought. First problem. I lost my 5 years best friend. I got sad. Then my current best friend had a new one too. It was all messed up. I could dearly forget them both. We were friends still and my 5 years best friend and I were best friends too, just that not like before anymore. But this boy came to school. We related so much with each other. Oh my God! I thought he was the only thing that was going to happen to me in that whole year. He was 1 year smaller,but I practically didn't care. Everyone thought we were in-love because we always ate together. A boy and a girl, the boy that had fame to be the hottest one and a cute (sort of) girl, eating together every lunch doesn't leave any other impression. But we weren't. November, December, January. All 3 months eating together, without one exception. But I don't have a clue, why he stopped talking to me. Why?. I didn't know. But I knew then I had to foget him. We didn't talk. He passed by my side and he didn't see me. Well he did see me, but I was just one more of the crowd. And everthing of that with no explanation. I couldn't forget him. At least not totally. But he could. Currently he talks to me, but he talks like I am a new friend, like nothing that we had in the past happened. And I wonder why?
It's like he has a backspace button. *Sight* I hope someday I find mines too, and click delete. My own backspace button.

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